10 Tips For Building Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Everyone wants to feel confident.

Confidence helps us influence others and feel better about ourselves. Yet many of us struggle to feel genuinely confident about ourselves, at work, at home, in social situations. Below are some idea’s to help you become more confident in any situation. Apply these simple steps and watch your confidence soar!

  1. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! Don’t expect instant results and don’t be put off by the occasional setback – confidence is built steadily, one step at a time.
  2. Each day choose one small step that you can take towards building confidence. This could be something like going to a public meeting, introducing yourself to a new person or even applying for a new job. Don’t worry about the outcome, focus on the doing!
  3. Try a mental rehearsal before any event that makes you feel anxious. Imagine what you might say and what other people who are present might say. Go through every scenario mentally so that whatever happens, you will know exactly how to react.
  4. Use affirmations every day. For example:-
    • “I feel confident when meeting new people.”
    • “I am enthusiastic and inspired by my work.”
    • “I have the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to achieve my goals.”
  5. Act the part of a confident person. Not everyone who appears confident really is; acting the part of a confident person can make a real difference to your own feelings of self esteem and the way others perceive you.
  6. Whatever you have to do, just go ahead and do it, in spite of any feelings of anxiety you may feel. When you have acted in a confident way once, it won’t seem so difficult the next time. Go on – try it!
  7. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Nothing undermines confidence like the knowledge that you are going into a situation unprepared. Before a meeting or social event, think about the subjects you might discuss, the points you might make and how you might respond to the thoughts of others.
  8. Don’t feel you have to be right about everything and don’t feel you have to stick doggedly to your opinions. The ability to listen to others, accept their points and perhaps modify your own opinions is a real sign of confidence.
  9. Focus your attention on others. Far too often we become caught up in our own little worlds, worrying about the impression we create rather than the contribution we can make, at work, at home, with family and friends. Focus on others and worry less about your shortcomings and you will notice your self confidence soar!
  10. If things don’t work out at first, talk yourself up rather than down. Change your approach if necessary, but never give in to a negative appraisal of yourself. There is nothing wrong with you – you’ve just found a tactic that doesn’t work. That’s all. You’re learning – and becoming more confident every day!