Are you anxious about your first hypnosis session? Testimonial from a Patient…

“As I arrived at the premises I was greeted by my hypnotherapist. I was offered a drink and was asked to fill in a medical and personal information form. I was told this was to help with background information, and indeed it came in use during the session, allowing the therapist to gain an insight into me and my past.

I’d gone to improve my public speaking and confidence. The therapist and I chatted for about 30 minutes about what I felt was my problem, and tried to define it. The therapist broke the problem down into several areas, each which he recommended I have a separate hypnosis session on.

The first session was not specific to me, per say, but it was a hypnosis session on improving confidence in general. I was apprehensive, but I was lucky enough to have met my hypnotherapist several times, before I decided to have a hypnosis session. So I knew I liked him and had confidence in him. I think this is half the battle, since lying still with your eyes closed listening to someone else’s suggestions, places you in a venerable state. And being relaxed is the main aim for the suggestions to work.

The hypnosis session took around half an hour and went well. Currently, I am awaiting my second hypnosis session which will be designed for my personal confidence issues. I hopefully will be much less apprehensive now knowing what to expect.”