Hypnosis for Stress

Using Hypnosis to Control Stress

“A little bit of stress is good for you” as they say, is a popular myth. In fact, stress always has a negative effect on people. Stress suppresses creativity, ruins relationships, can cause health problems and it can even kill people. The belief that some stress is useful comes from the idea that if you are too relaxed then your performance can suffer, a theory that many sportsmen and women understand. This is indeed true, but here we are talking about manageable performance anxiety, which actually does help people achieve their best. This is different to stress.

Stress creates an enormous burden on the UK economy. According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2010/11 400,000 out of the 1,152,000 work related illnesses were due to stress. So if you are suffering from stress, you are not alone!

Stress is unhappiness on a large scale. The mind effectively shuts down as it becomes overloaded with concerns that can seem overwhelming to the person suffering from stress. A person suffering from stress may find they are not able to function effectively, leading to things like not sleeping and reduced performance at work. These outcomes lead to further stress as work colleagues and line managers react, usually ineffectively, to the problem.

When dealing with stress it is best to take control of the situation yourself before someone else tries to do it for you. Realising that you are the one that has the control, in fact, can be liberating. Why are you the one in control? Because it is very likely that negative thoughts are contributing in a large part to your stress.

Hypnotherapy can be used very effectively to manage stress.

A great deal of stress comes about as the result of negative self-talk, originating from the subconscious mind. During a hypnosis session it is possible to build up the individuals self confidence, reprogramming the subconscious mind with positive and empowering thoughts. It is also possible to deal with particular anxieties during the hypnosis session which can help to keep problems in perspective and reduce the impact of negative thinking.

By reducing anxiety and increasing confidence through hypnotherapy, it is possible to build the resilience to stress that is so necessary in our modern world. Together with assertiveness training and better time management, hypnotherapy can help you take charge of your situation and let you control stress instead of letting stress control you.

Using hypnotherapy to minimise your anxiety and increase your confidence it is possible to build a resistance to stress that is needed so necessary in our modern world. Together with assertiveness training and increased time management skills, hypnotherapy can help you take charge of your stress instead of stress controlling.

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