Sports Hypnosis

Sports Performance.

Energetic person due to sports hypnosisSport means competition, and in whenever we feel in competition with others, fear of failure, humiliation and even of competition itself can be limiting factors in reaching peak performance. Hypnosis has been successfully used to relax people involved in competitive sports and reduce the fears and anxieties that lead to disappointing performances.

In addition to dealing with problems associated with excessive performance anxiety, hypnotherapy can help overcome problems of attitude that stand in the way of successful performance. The most common problems are lack of confidence, inappropriate aggression and lack of concentration.

Mental rehearsal or visualisation is a technique that is increasingly used by athletes, as well as competitors in other sports. When we visualise ourselves, performing an activity, the neurons in the brain fire in exactly the same way as they do when you are actually performing that activity. This means that mental rehearsal, used alongside hypnotherapy can be help to improve muscular co-ordination and remove the mental obstacles to success.

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